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Hannah Anderson and Allison Cluckie graduate high school this week.  Pray for good wrap-up of their lives in Africa as they get ready to head back to the States for college. (6-2-16)
Pray for Sana Samura from the town of Dantilia that he would stand firm in his faith and have a deep desire to know Jesus and God’s Word better and better.  Pray for others to follow Jesus in this village. Also pray for the believers from Yatia who come to share the Word in Dantilia that they would be faithful in doing so, especially as farm season is getting under way. (6-2-16)
The SeneMali team left May 10 for another village trip in Mali. Pray for safety in travel, for good health, and especially for a good response to the Gospel. (5-10-16)

Pray for Muluku, his wife Fanta, and their children Karifa and Tenen.  Muluku follows Jesus and has a keen mind that retains what he hears.  Pray for his continued growth in the Lord and that he would take the lead in helping his family follow Jesus.  Pray that God would give to Fanta a true knowledge and relationship with Jesus. Pray that their farm succeeds this year and provides their daily needs. Their daughter Tenen has made a strong start in learning to read.  Pray that her progress continues during the time her tutor will be away. (5-10-16)  

Gbe has begun wearing a new charm around her neck.  Pray for release from the fear of evil spirits. (5-10-16)

Pray for Gbe from Soulemania.  Ask God for Gbe’s salvation, for the provision of her physical needs, and for her husband, Wali, to be kind and caring and to come to Jesus.  Pray that God would grant her a child.  She had one baby who died at birth, and has not been able to get pregnant or, perhaps, to retain her pregnancy since that time. (5-3-16)

Following her graduation from college, Erin is on her way from the U.S. to Guinea for a visit with her family.  Please pray for safe travels and a fantastic time of reunion, sharing in sister Alison's graduation from high school in Dakar, and sharing love with her whole family. (5-3-16)
Praying for Taadi from the village of Maxanya. The pastor from Soulemania travels regularly to this nearby village to study with the believers there.  Taadi has not been one of those coming to the meetings.  Pray that God would draw her to Himself and renew her interest in the Gospel.  Pray also for the salvation of her husband, Momodi. (4-27-16)
The SeneMali Team’s village trip went really well.  It even rained their final night there to cool things off.  The team reported that one man came to Christ and some other folks renewed their decisions to follow Jesus.  Praise God with the whole Yalunka Team! (4-27-16)

On Wednesday, April 20, the SeneMali Yalunka Team launched a village evangelism trip in Mali that will last several days.  The team will teach the creation account from Genesis 2 – especially the creation of Adam and Eve. Team members lives in physically demanding primitive conditions on these trips.  One team member, Ashley, has issues with sciatic nerve pain.  Pray that all would be free of pain and illness this trip. Pray also for unity within the team, for Satan’s plans to be demolished, and for God’s Spirit to move mightily in these villages.  Finally, pray for safety on the "roads." (4-20-16)

Erin is wrapping up her college career. She will graduate April 30 from Bethel University in Mishawaka, Indiana.  Pray for her to finish well and to keep track of all the details involved in finishing college AND getting ready for a visit to mom and dad in Guinea two days after graduation!  Pray for the provision of a solid job this fall. (4-18-16)
April 10-16 was the annual Yalunka Celebration, during which Yalunkas from all over the region come together to bond.  It was held in Niaya this year,so everybody in town had visitors staying with them, andthe whole town was turned upside down with the inundation of people.  The main part of this celebration is finished, but there are still activities going on.  Pray that Fatmatta and her family (and other believers) will use this opportunity to share Jesus. (4-18-16)
Pray for Fatmatta from Niaya.  Her grown daughter lives in a village near the Cluckies.  Pray that Fatmatta would continue to grow in her faith, to love Jesus heartily, and to stay true to Him.  Pray that God would provide for all her needs. (4-18-16)
Pray for Pastor Bokari and his wife, Daliba.  Ask God to provide for Pastor Bokari’s physical needs, for health and protection for his family, and for his leadship of his family into spiritual maturity.  Pray for his perseverence in his outreach efforts, for his integrity, and for his continued passion and love for Jesus. (4-14-16)
Pray for Frigi from Soulemania.  A few months ago Frigi injured his leg in a motorcycle accident.  His leg is healing slowly, and this injury has restricted his ability to work.  Pray for full healing of his leg.  Pray also that God would provide work opportunities for him. Frigi has not had steady work for quite some time.  Pray also for his salvation and for the salvation of his wife, Mafila, and his kids. (4-8-16)
Pray for Sayon and Kanko from the village of Grand Kondebun where the Andersons minister. Sayon and Kanko have been growing in the Lord and in their love for His Word.  Pray that they would continue to hunger and thirst for God and His Kingdom.  Pray for wisdom in family relationships and in their growing sphere of influence in the town.  Pray that others would come to know Jesus through their testimony. (3-23-16)
Bruce and Dawn (along with the Andersons) attended the African Regional Conference of World Partners in Cape Town, South Africa, March 9-16. This was a very significant time of ministry strategizing, spiritual refreshment, and fellowship with other missionaries from all over the continent. ( 3-19-16)
Pastor Kelifa has begun making regular visits to believers in the towns around Soulemania.  Pray for safety, stamina and perseverance for Pastor Kelifa and for God to grow these fledgling believers. Pastor Kelifa usually travels on Thursdays by motorcycle. (3-8-16)
The SeneMali Team toured Yalunka villages in Mali during the first week of March. Response was not as dramatic as that of other villages, but the response seemed quite thoughtful. A number of serious questions were asked about faith in Jesus.  Pray for many to come to Christ in this area. (3-8-16)
Pray for Yanyi, from the town of Soulemania, and her husband Donsoxo. Pray for their salvation.  Yanyi has heard the gospel many times and been a part of the church; her husband has never made a commitment to Christ.  Pray for true salvation for both of them. (3-8-16)
Pray for believers in the village of Xoli Waliya.  These Christ followers are somewhat isolated from other believers because they live in an outlying village.  Pray that leaders like Paul Ousmani and Anta Frigi would take the initiative to visit them and encourage them in the Lord.  Pray for these believers to have a strong determination to follow God no matter what and for them to grow deep in their faith. (3-1-16)

The Senegal/Mali Yalunka Team visited the villages of Ere Madina and Manga Labe in Mali during the last week of February.  Missionary Ashley and Senegalese Pastor Barry told stories of the Creation on this trip.  Pray that villagers who learned of a powerful, loving God who is the Author of life will respond to the truth and receive His Son as Savior and Lord. (2-23-16)

Pray that Christian leaders Paul Ousmani and Dansa would be able and faithful to visit and disciple the believers on the circuit of small groups of Christ followers around the village of Passaya. Some in Passaya want to be baptized. Pray that this would happen soon.  Pray also for Frigi from Passaya as he, too, visits and disciples folks who are wanting to follow Christ. (2-23-16)
Pray for Mamodi Samura, from the village of Grand Kondebun, who is a good friend of Jim and Dawn Anderson.  Ask God to use this friendship to open Mamodi's heart to the gospel. (2-23-16)
Mame Mariama, who has appeared in week 4 of the July Prayer Calendar page, passed away February 15.  Pray that her sons and daughters in law would follow Jesus. (2-16-16)
Pray for Paul Ousmane and Dansa (bottom of the February Prayer Calendar) that they would follow through on visiting the believers in the outlying towns of Passaya, Xoli Waliya, Danda, Grand Kondebun, and other places. (2-16-16)
The Mali/Senegal Yalunka Team’s outreach to Mali last week went very well. The team shared the story of Creation and several people responded quite enthusiastically to God’s Word. (2-16-16)
Pray for Ali and Salay from the village of Maxanya that tey would be serious about following Jesus.  Pray that they would hunger for God’s Word and pursue learning about God. (2-16-16)

The missionaries and pastors on the Mali/Senegal Yalunka Team are heading into Mali for village outreach.  They are newly trained in "storying" the Word of God.  Pray for facility in the language, for unity, health and safety, and for many Yalunkas in these remote areas to come to Christ. (2-10-16)

Pray for Sayon 2 from the village of Yatiya that he would have integrity and a passion for following Jesus and for knowing the Word of God.  Pray for wisdom and integrity as he heads up various projects for both the Church and the village. (2-10-16)
Pray that believers scattered among outlying villages would become more connected with one another and grow in their faith. There is a slow but perceptible movement of folks towards Jesus. Pray that this continues and increases. (2-1-16)

Pray for Pastor Kelifa, his wife Mamata, and their children who live in Soulemania.  Recently their son Frigi, about age 10, fell out of a tree and hurt his ankle and jaw.  They are grateful that his life was spared and his injuries weren’t greater. He is on the mend.  Praise God!  Their children are often sick. Pray for good health.  Kelifa is very active in ministry. Pray for times of rest and spiritual renewal. (2-1-16)

Pray for Mamadou and Masiri from Soulemania. Masiri just had her 3rd child about 2 weeks ago, a little girl, as yet unnamed.  That makes 3 girls for them. Mamadou has one or two sons from another marriage. One of them is Abou who is about 12 and seems to live randomly and without purpose.  Pray for this family to come to Christ.  Pray also that God would guard Abou from a purposeless, angry life.  Mamadou and Masiri also do not have much money. Pray for provision of daily needs. (1-28-16)

This week the Yalunka missionaries in Senegal who work with the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC) mission are training in Burkina Faso about community health evangelism and storying.  Pray for productive learning and for a clear sense of God’s direction for their work in Senegal and Mali. (1-22-16)
Pray for Salu, his wife Simiti, and their 5 adorable little girls.  Their oldest daughter, Dalo (age 10 or 11), is living with relatives in another city.  Pray for her protection and for her salvation.  Daughters Fanna (age 8), Taadi (5), twins Mesay and Gbe (born around April 2015) live at home.  Pray that each of these girls would know God’s love and be saved at an early age. (1-22-16)
The Christmas celebration at at the Yatia church was somewhat somber because of the death of a member the day before. But believers came together, supporting one another, and the Message of Jesus’ birth was clearly proclaimed. (12-29-15)
Guinea has been declared ebola free! December 28 marked 42 days without a new ebola case. This is the period required by the World Health Organization (WHO) before declaring a country ebola free.  Now medical personnel are on the lookout for hidden cases or re-occurring cases.  Guinea was the first country in this outbreak to discover an ebola case and the last to be rid of ebola. Honor is due the medical workers from World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the Red Cross/ Crescent, and local Guineans who risked their lives to save others.  How much more should we, who have the antidote for spiritual death, risk our lives to save people from eternal damnation. (12-29-15)
Pray for the believers in Passaya that they would enjpy blessed Christmas events in their church. (12-24-15)
Pray for Sayon and Saran from the village of Yagiria and for others interested in Jesus in this village and in neighboring Sisiya.  Muluku from Soulemania has gone to visit Sayon and Saran the last couple weeks, sharing the story of Jesus’ birth and inviting them to the Christmas celebration.  Pray that they would come and be encouraged by the fellowship with believers. (12-15-15)

Pray for Santigi.  Bruce and Pastor Kelifa visited Santigi last week.  He wears a leg prosthesis that is badly broken. The foot is taped awkwardly to the leg.  Pray that he will be able to get a new prosthesis soon so he can walk correctly. Pray that he would be delivered from the fears and anxieties that beset him and keep him from trusting God’s Word and following Christ. (12-8-15)

Pray for Yalunka youth and children in local Yalunka churches.  Pray that parents would see the need to teach their children about Jesus at home and the need to bring them to services. Pray that God would raise up youth and children’s workers, whether from among national leaders, from career missionaries called to serve young people, or from short term volunteers led to come and serve here. Pray for those young people who have responded to the gospel that they will follow Jesus with all their hearts. (12-02-15)

Pray for Sekuba and Binti from the village of Maxanya that they take their faith seriously and follow Jesus with their whole hearts.  Sekuba has not taken advantage of opportunities to share with and learn from other believers when he was living near them and does not seem eager to grow in the Lord.  Pray for this to change, and for God to transform both him and his wife. (11-24-15)
Pray for Fila from the town of Naiya that he would be a godly man, husband, and father and that he would follow Jesus with all his heart. (11-20-15)
Public schools in Guinea, which were delayed by concerns about potential violence around the presidential election, began classes on Monday, November 9. Pray that boys and girls will adjust well to school and to get a good education. (11-11-15)
Pray for church leaders among the Yalunka people in Sierra Leone, especially those of the younger generation.  Pray that they would grasp the vision and need to disciple believers and to reach out to the lost with the Gospel.  Pray that the older generation of church leaders would encourage younger men and women to take more responsible leadership roles. (11-11-15)

Pray for Dr. Tamba, the government-supplied doctor who has ended his service in Soulemania.  This past year Dr. Tamba spent considerable time at the Sierra Leone border doing ebola control.  He has been transferred to a facility in Faranah, and Dr. Saran Millimono has been assigned to Soulemania. Pray that the transition to a new doctor goes well in the village, and that she is wise in diagnosing patients and dispensing meds that villagers can afford.  Pray that she will earn and deserve their trust. Pray for Dr. Tamba’s new posting, for the healing of his mother-in-law who has a chronic bone infection, and for the salvation of Dr. Tamba and his wife.  (11-5-15)

Pray for Momodi and Nyima from the village of Tiganya.  Cluckies see this couple and their family quite often.  Pray that Bruce and Dawn will find opportunities to share Jesus with them.  Their youngest daughter, Nyaxama, will transfer to the middle school in nearby Faranah this school season.  Pray for protection, for Nyaxama to do well in school and to adjust to living in a city, and for believers to befriend her in a way that will lead her to Christ. Pray also that God will plant His church in the village of Tiganya. (10-26-15)

Pray for Momodi from the town of Soulemania.  Momodi is a 15-year-old younf man who lives next door to Bruce and Dawn. They see him every day, and he is like a family member. But he does not know Jesus as Savior. Pray for his salvation. Pray also that he can find a trade apprenticeship that will provide an income through his adult life. (10-21-15)

Pray for Kuta from Soulemania who is working hard to improve her finances selective farming and wise marketing of her crops.  She has done pretty well.  Her daughter Mmahawa is visiting during school vacation. Her son Adama is living with relatives. Mariama is at home and learning her abc’s.  Pray for their protection and salvation, as well as that of Kuta’s husband Demba. Pray that Kuta would learn to forgive those who wrong her and would thus grow in grace.  Pray for her relationship with her husband to improve.  And pray that she would hunger for God and His Word. (10-16-15)

Thank you for praying on Sunday, October 11, for Guinea's Presidential election. Keep praying through the next couple weeks as the vote is counted and announced, that people would be calm and accept the outcome.  Pray that violence will not break out in the cities. (10-12-15)
Pray for Paul Ousmani and his wife Gbe that he would be faithful to Jesus, continue growing in Him, and know where and how he should reach out to others in evangelism and discipleship.  Pray for safety as he travels the roads on his motorcycle, and for the cycle not to break down.  Pray for Gbe and the kids to follow Christ with all their hearts. And pray for provision of their daily needs. (10-7-15)
Presidential election campaigning is going on.  Continue praying that God’s will be done regarding Guinea's next President to be chosen October 11. (9-29-15)
Pray for the many villagers who are currently harvesting their peanuts.  Pray that the believers would have a good harvest and would not neglect their relationship with Jesus during this busy farm time. (9-29-15)

Pray for the isolated believers in Digilai, for Toumani the new believer in the village of Danda, and for Frigi the single believer in the town of Passaya.  Pray that each of these Christ-followers will persevere in the faith they’ve embraced and be filled with the power, presence, and comfort of the Holy Spirit.  Pray that other believers would be sent to encourage and disciple them.  And pray for more to follow Jesus in these towns. (9-29-15)

Pray for Washington, who is a good friend of David Sanford's from the village of Yatiya.  Pray that Washington’s numerous kids and grandkid(s) would be true Christ-followers.  They are already showing themselves to be ‘different’ from the crowd – better behaved and more Christ-like. Pray for Christ to continue to be formed in them. Pray also that Washington’s rice harvest would be great and plentiful.  A good harvest will provide his family enough to eat and to share with others.

Pray for Fore from the town of Soulemania.  Fore already has married daughters in a nearby village, and she finds herself expecting another child after she thought that was all in the past. Pray for her as she nears the end of a high-risk pregnancy because of her age. Pray for the health of her baby too. Most of all, pray that Fore will come to know Jesus as her Savior. (9-15-15)

Pray for Suri Jawara from the town of Soulemania.  Suri has vascillated between Islam and Christianity, in part because he wanted to see which provided financial help. Pastor Kelifa feels Suri may be ready to be more serious about Jesus. Pray that God would clearly show him light from darkness, truth from deception, and draw Suri strongly to Jesus. (9-7-15)
Pray for Ali from the village of Grand Kondebun that he would put his faith in Jesus as his Savior. Pray that Jim and Dawn Anderson will have frequent opportunities to share the gospel with him now that they are back in the village. (8-31-15)
Pray for Sengun from the town of Niaya to have a passion for following Christ and for growing in his faith. Pray also that the church in Niaya would grow in Jesus, persevere in the faith, and attract others to the Lord. (8-24-15)

Pray for the children of the Yalunka Team who have just begun their school year at Dakar Academy in Senegal: Hannah Anderson, Allison Cluckie, and Adam Cluckie.  Hannah and Allison are seniors, and Adam is a freshman. Erin Cluckie begins her senior year of college this week in the United States. (8-17-15)

Pray for Fixe, from the town of Soulemania, who holds the Gospel at arm’s length.  Ask God to take off Fixe's blinders and cause him to desire to follow Jesus truly.  (8-10-15)
Pray for Mariama and Demba from the village of Maxanya.  Spiritually, that village appears indifferent. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the lives of Mariama and Demba to stir other believers to follow Jesus with all their hearts. (8-3-15)

Pray for Mame Mariama, a delightful elderly woman from Soulemania with whom Dawn visits frequently. Her house sits near the market where lots of people pass by. Many stop to visit her, so Mame Mariama knows all that is going on. Pray that God would speak to her mind and heart and that she would remember and ponder all the Truth she has heard.  Pray she would understand and give her heart to Jesus.

Pray for Nyene.  Her newest child is a little boy named Demba who is 8 months old.  Nyene is a hard worker, who does her best to provide for her family.  Pray that God would meet all her needs.  At one point Nyene identified with the church and declared her faith in Jesus, but she has not remained active.  Pray for God to fill her with a hunger and thirst for Jesus and His Word. (7-22-15)

Pray for Wete and his wives Mmahawa and Mari.  Both women recently gave birth to baby boys, and both little boys are named Momodi.  Mari has ongoing health issues and needs prayer for complete healing.  Mari alsp lost a baby boy in the past. Pray this son thrives. Pray for peace in the household, for Wete to be a godly dad and husband.  Pray for the wives to truly follow Jesus. (7-13-15)

Pray for Dansa and his wife Kuta, from the village of Yatia. Pray that Dansa will continue to be a godly husband and father to his 3 kids.  Pray that he will be faithful to Jesus and to live a life of integrity.  Pray that God would help him as he disciples believers in various Yalunka villages.  Pray that Kuta and the kids would know the strong love of Jesus in their lives. (7-6-15)

Villagers have planted swamp land peanuts and are about done planting dry land rice.  Pray for God to bless the farms of believers and to provide for all their needs.  Also pray for protection from the snakes that hide in the brush as people work on the farms in bare feet or sandals. Pray that the believers will not neglect their relationships with God during this busy time. (6-30-15)

Ramadan began June 18. Continue praying for believers in Jesus to stand assured in their faith and to be able to answer any questions asked by unbelievers.  Pray for God to speak to people’s hearts during this time.  (6-26-15)

Pray for Abel and Helene from the town of Niaya that they would hold fast to Jesus and be encouraged in their relationship with Him.  Pray especially for their kids – their 17- or 18-year-old daughter Rose recently married then unmarried one of the pastors from Yatiya.  Rose has not been following Christ.  Pray for her salvation. (6-26-15)

Pray for Mr. Bah, the Yalunka Team employee and friend who lives in Conakry. Mr. Bah's bedridden teenage son Mouctar recently passed away.  Pray for comfort for the family. Mr. Bah has been slowly building a new house outside of the city. It is partially completed, and his wife is delighted and has moved there. Mr. Bah is renting a room in town to use during periods when he has work. Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, begins June 18.  Pray that all the words of the Word that Mr. Bah has heard over the years would come back to him and that God would draw him to Himself this month. (6-16-15)

Pray for Sayon, Yere, and Suriba from the village of Sisiya.  Pray that these men would be struck with the amazing grace and love of God and truly embrace Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  Pray also for the provision of their physical needs. Early June is farm planting season, which is always a time of hard work and extra expenses. Pray for Muluku to be faithful in discipling these men. (6-10-15)

Pray for Lansani and Sunxari from the village of Soulemania.  Lansani occassionally works for the Cluckies.  He recently took a third wife, Sago, a teenage girl.  Wife Sunxari just delivered a baby two months ago.  Pray for the salvation of this family and that Kelifa and Mamata (relatives and the pastor of the church here and his wife ) will be a strong witness to them.  Pray for their numerous children to come to Christ too. (6-3-15)

Pray for Frigi, the first believer in the town of Passaya, that he will remain ardent in his faith, reading God's Word, praying, and sharing his faith with others.  Pray that others in Passaya would come to Christ so that the body of Christ would be firmly established in that town.  Pray that the Christian worker who visits Passaya will continue to make these trips. (5-20-15)

Pray for Mordake and Isatu, who live in the village of Grand Kondebun, where Dawn and Jim Anderson live and work.  Pray for Isatu’s salvation and for Mordake’s growth in the Lord. (5-15-15)

Pray for Muluku and Fanta.  Muluku, who is blind, is an active part of a group of men installing a new grass fence around the Cluckie's yard! Pray for God to provide forthis couple's financial needs.  Pray they will grow in their faith and that their children to come to Christ.  Their oldest, Tene, spends much of her time with relatives in another village.  Pray for physical and spiritual protection for her. The prayer calendar indicates a new baby, but that little boy was stillborn -- Fanta's second consecutive stillborn birth.  Pray for comfort for her.  She may be pregnant again, so pray that this child be born alive. (5-15-15)

On May 12, Bruce and Dawn returned to Soulemania and began the task of getting their house and yard back in shape. Praise God! Click here for an update on the status of Yalunka Team missionaries. (5-15-15)
Praying for Gbe's salvation and for her health and contentment. Her first child was stillborn and she has been unable to conceive since. She dearly desires to have a child. Pray for a living, healthy child. (5-4-15)

Pray for Fatamata from the town of Naiya, that she and her family will grow in faith and stand true for Jesus.  Fatamata has been a believer for many years.  Originally from Sierra Leone, she has lived in Guinea for a long time.  Her married daughter lives near the Cluckies.  Pray for her extended family in Sierra Leone that they will be safe from ebola. (4-30-15)

Pray that the Church in neighboring Sierra Leone will effectively love and care for those touched by the ebola crisis. Pray that people will respond to God's to care for orphans and others in this time of great need and opportunity. (4-30-15)
Pray for Taadi from the village of Maxanya that she would become committed to following Jesus.  She is a friendly lady who responds when believers meet in her town, but she drifts away at other times. Pray that God would prompt her to desire growth in Jesus. (4-30-15)
Pray for Frigi Touray from the town of Soulemania that he and his wife will come to know the Lord as Savior.  Also pray that God would bless his farm this year so that it will produce will.  Additionally, pray that God brings in paying masonry jobs for him. (4-30-15)

Pray for Pastor Bokari and his family. Bokari is one of the rotating group of men who preach for the Yatia church.  He does much of the shepherding of village believers.  He also runs a tire shop and is learning to repair motorcycles. He shows exceptional mechanical aptitide. Bokari owns several plots of land .  He composts, so he has some good dirt to start his seeds.  He cultivates red oil palms and orange trees. He and his second wife just had a baby girl.  He has quite a few children. Pray for Bokari's integrity, godliness in his many roles, spiritual mentoring, and pastoring. (4-17-15)

Bruce made an exploratory trip to Guinea April 7-15 to encourage the Yalunka believers, deal with some administrative issues, visit other missionaries who have remained in or returned to Guinea, and assess whether a return to Soulemania in May is feasible. Please pray earnestly about correctly interpreting the present situation. (4-17-15)
Bruce has found that the Jalunga dialect of Yalunka people in Senegal is too diefferent from dialects used in Guinea that existing print material cannot easily be adapted. He currently is exploring whether the Yalunks people og Mali may be a better "fit" for an adaptation of the Guinean literature. (4-17-15)
Since mid-January, the Cluckies have lived and served in Kedougou, Senegal, among a branch of the Yalunka people who speak the Jalunga dialect. Dawn has homeschooled the 5th and 7th grade daughters of a missionary family with the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches and Bruce has explored the prospects of translating existing Yalunka Scripture and evangelistic materials into the Jalunga dialect. (4-17-15)

Pray for Sayon and his wife Kanko, who live in the village of Grand Kondebun, where the Andersons serve.  Thank God that they are serious Christ-followers. Pray that they would continue to hunger for God's Word and that He would provide Christian fellowship for them both.  Sometimes Pastor Paul Ousmane from Yatia goes up to encourage them. Pray that this continues to happen. (3-19-15)

Pray for Yanyi, next door neighbor to the Cluckies in Soulemania. Since Ramadan, Yanyi has not come to church services or prayer times.  Ask that God would draw her back to Himself.  Pray that her husband would come to Christ and would encourage Yanyi to follow Jesus. (3-17-15)

Pray for Ali and Salay from the village of Maxanya that they would become more serious about their walk with Jesus.  Pray also for healing for Ali’s leg.  He has put off a needed surgery, and his leg is so bowed that it looks as though it could snap in two.  Many Guineans are afraid of hospitals due to ebola, and Ali's money is always tight. Ask for God’s special healing touch.

Pastor Kelifa requests prayers for two matters. First, he has a small oil palm plantation, and the trees are beginning to fruit well. However, Kalifa can't keep livestock out of his plantation, because his fence is broken down and he can't afford to repair it.  Pray that God will provide a way to solve this make-or-break-it problem. Second, join Kelifa in praying that people will see the truth, believe the truth, and act on the truth -- both about the gospel and about ebola.

Pray for Sayon 2 (under French influence pronounced Sayon Deux!). First, he must find a way to get rid of the flies infesting the orange trees that yield his primary cash crop. Second, Sayon cares for his children and those of several relatives.  Pray for wisdom in raising them to be godly people.  Pray for provision of finances – school has resumed in Guinea and the costs of uniforms and books really add up. Also Sayon is the village treasurer and a leader in the Yatiya Church.  Pray for integrity in every aspect of life. Pray for joyous growth in his walk with Jesus.

Mr. Bah assists Yalunka Team members when they are in Conakry by driving them and generally helping out. He and his wife Maimouna had a severely disabled son who recently died. Even though it was a lot of work, they loved Mouctar well.  His death will leave a void and change the dynamics of their marriage and family. Please pray that all of this would draw him and his wife Maimouna to follow Jesus.

Pray for Kelifa and Mamata in their ability to survive. Their rice harvest was bad this season. Also they are keeping their children out of school, even though schools have reopened because there are no ebola cases in the surrounding area. Pray that Mamata and the children will love Jesus as much as Kelifa does.
Pray for Pastor Kelifa and his wife Mamata in Soulemania. They are very close to Bruce and Dawn dearly miss them. Kelifa and Mamata look after the Cluckies' house in their absence. Bruce talks with Kelifa by hhone every week. They help Bruce and Dawn stay in touch with life in "their village."

Pray for Mamadou, his wife Masire, and their daughters Kanko and Maso.  Masire has a ready smile and a cheerful disposition.  Mamadou farms and does odd jobs and some watchman work for the Cluckies.  He sometimes listens to the Word read.  Pray for their salvation.  Their daughter Maso hangs out at the Cluckies’ house a lot – pray they can have a positive spiritual impact on her.

JANUARY 2015 EBOLA UPDATE: Liberia is making good headway against the disease; Sierra Leone fights an uphill battle against ebola on the rampage; and Guinea teeters in the balance. In Guinea, overall numbers hold steady but cases keep popping up around the country as sick people travel and carry the disease. There are still spots of resistance against those teaching prevention. Pray for safety for community helpers working to control the spread of disease. Pray for folks to move from denial to active prevention.
By the beginning of 2015, Bruce and Dawn had moved from Bamako. Mali. to Dakar, Senegal, to be near their two children at Dakar Christian Academy and to adapt Yalunka outreach and discipleship materials developed in Guinea to the Yalunka dialects of Senegal.
Pray for the village of Geya Fari, that these few believers will continue following Jesus, will know the joy of their salvation, and will be filled with worship and adoration for the Lord. This village is right on the border with Sierra Leone, so pray also that ebola does not reach this village through contacts with friends and family in Sierra Leone.
"In October, our World Partners leadership asked us to step away from Guinea for a while because of the increased incidences of ebola in our country. So we closed up our house, said good-bye to our friends, and drove to Bamako, Mali. We are staying in a guesthouse here, getting to know new people and ministries, gleaning ministry ideas from others and tucking them away for our work, and working on literature-type projects that we brought with us from Guinea" (Cluckie 2014 Christmas letter).
December, week 1: Pray for Dr. Tamba Millimono from the Soulemania clinic who currently is serving on border post duty as part of efforts to contain the Ebola virus. Pray also for Sayon who is assisting in the short-staffed clinic that he will not make any mistakes in handling meds.
November, week 4: Pray for Momodi and his wife Nyima. Nyima is a socially influential person in her village. Others count on her in their dealings with others. She is a friend of Bruce and Dawn and very interested in Jesus. Pray that she will cross the line of saving faith. Momodi's relationship to Jesus is uncertain.
Senegal earlier closed its border with Guinea, so Allison and Adam won't be able to come home for Christmas. So the Cluckie family holiday plans will probably include another trip to Mali.
On Monday, October 20, the Cluckies hosted Jim and Dawn Anderson from Grand Kondebun. On Tuesday, October 21, both families will leave for Bamako, Mali. Allison and Adam Cluckie and Hannah Anderson will come from Dakar Christian Academy in Senegal to spend time with their families before Jim and Dawn fly to the United Stated for Home Ministry Assignment.
In early October Bruce and Dawn wrote, "The entire missionary community in Guinea is constantly and carefully monitoring the Ebola situation. We are well and have a strong peace about remaining in Guinea for the time being. Ebola is not in our immediate area, thus we have not had contact with Ebola patients. We beliee God wants us to remain where we are, at least for now. Join us in prayer for the church in the Ebola-afflicted areas."

Sourie, a young man from the Naiya church, has returned from Bible Training in Senegal.  He hopes to pastor the church in Naiya. Pray for God’s leading in this matter.

Pray that more villagers would adopt the SRI rice planting technique during planting season. This technique can increase harvest 300 percent, but it requires up-front costs and more labor from villagers used to traditional methods.
Adam has joined Allison at Dakar Christian Academy. Thank you to all who have contributed to Allison's educational expenses in the past. You can now donate to Adam and Allison's tuition and living costs through World Partners, PO Box 9333, Fort Wayne, IN 46899, earmarked G-409 Cluckie Education Fund.

Mordake is a believer from Jim and Dawn Anderson's village of Grand Kondebun.  Pray that Mordake will become better grounded in his faith and that his wife Isatu will be saved.

Pray for Muluku and his family. Muluku regularly visits and encourages the believers in the villages of Sisiya and Yagiriya. Pray that his wife Fanta would enter a strong relationship with Jesus. She is mourning the loss of a stillborn baby boy. Pray for their daughter Tenen and son Kalifa.
Gbe [say "Bay"] is a young woman the Cluckies have known for much of her 18 years, because her aunt, who raised her, always brought Gbe to church. Gbe married last year and has since given birth to a stillborn baby boy.  She is a hard-working, sweet girl.  Her husband’s name is Wali, and her mother-in-law Mariama is the elderly lady Dawn Cluckie reads the Bible to regularly.  Gbe is open to the gospel. Pray that Dawn will have opportunity to challenge her to follow the Jesus road.
Taadi is one of two believing women in the village of Maxanya.  Pray she will desire to follow Jesus and know His peace and forgiveness.  Pray for the salvation of her husband Momodi.  Pray that God would provide for all her farming needs as she scratches a living from the African soil.

Kanko is a believing woman from Grand Kondebun who is being discipled by her husband Sayon and by Dawn Anderson. Pray she will also be a positive Christian example to other women in her area. Pray for Dawn as she counsels and helps her to grow in Jesus – for wisdom and discernment and love. Sayon has lots of interaction with Jim Anderson.  Pray for Jim as he counsels, mentors, and challenges Sayon to grow in Christ. Pray both Kanko and Sayon would soon make public declarations of faith through baptism. Pray their contacts with the pastor from Yatia (Paul Ousmane) and with the Passaya believers would encourage them that they are not alone in their faith.

By early April more than 100 people in Guinea (and Liberia) had died of Ebola. Praise God that indicators suggest the spread is slowing as quarantine measures take effect. Pray earnestly for the containment and eradication of this disease.
Yani is a woman from Soulemania who is the only believer in her family. She actively participates in women's groups and Bible studies. One of her adult sons has been away in Liberia or Sierra Leone looking for work and she hasn't heard from him in a long time. Pray for her son's safety and for the salvation of Yani's family.
At the end of February, Suri participated in an evangelistic team showing the Jesus film to a large group of children and adults in Niaya. Pray that seed sown during this event will bear fruit for a long time as villagers process what they saw.
A December 2013 prayer request concerned Suri who had left Niaya for Bible training in Senegal and had not been heard from in months. He's back in the village ready to serve the Lord Jesus! Pray that God will give him a fruitful ministry in whatever form it takes.
Dansa, an evangelist from Yatia, reported to the Cluckies that an Islamic preacher has stirred up opposition against a group of four believers in Jesus and four other interested folk in the village of Passaya. Extended family members of the believers may shun them and one man's wife may leave him. Pray that God will protect and strengthen this small faith community.
The latest thing in rural Guinean villages is using memory cards in cell phones to listen to music and watch videos. Bruce is busy recording discipleship and training materials for use on memory cards. Pray that God will use this technology to strengthen His church and reach unbelievers.
Pray for Saran and Sayon and for other believers in Jesus from the village of Yagiria.  Ask God to give them a deep hunger and thirst for the Lord and His Word
Pray for Santigi in the village of Xoria.  Santigi's prosthesis for an amputated leg has been repaired and he walks better now. Thank God. Santigi seems to have a psychological or spiritual impediment that keeps him from grasping spiritual truth. Pray that God would open the eyes of his heart and mind.
Pray for Suri who left Soulemania some time ago to attend Bible School in Senegal.  Pray God will guide Suri and prepare him for ministry.  We would love to have him back working in the Yalunka Church, but we pray God’s will be shown to him.
Pray for Fila and his wife Tigi.  Fila works away from home for the mining company in Kalia.  He meets with believers there when he doesn't come home to Naiya for Sunday services.  Pray for continued spiritual growth.  Pray for his wife Tigi to grow in Christ too.  Fila has taken a second wife, for some reason.  Pray that he will be a godly husband to both wives and that the new one will also follow Christ.
Pray for Paul Ousmani of Yatia, a Christ-follower with a real gift of evangelism. Paul has curtailed his preaching in area villages while his wife gave birth to a son. Pray for the health and wellbeing of this boy and for safety and fruitful ministry for Paul as he gets back on his motorcycle to reach surrounding villages for Jesus.
Pray for Kuta who left Soulemania for a goldmining area where she hoped to dig enough gold to pay off a debt. Pray for her safety, the work of God in her heart, and for her children who are staying with relatives.
Washington is a believer from the Yatia Church, who recently lost a family member who was not a believer.  Pray that Washington would continue to be a faithful witness to his family and town and that God would encourae and support him mightily through this difficult time. 
Pray for the salvation of Fatamata and her husband in the village of Bigiti. Several years ago a refugee family from Sierra Leone held services in their home in Bigiti. Pray God would raise up a gospel witness there again.
Pray for Ali in Grand Kondebun who has believing friends, Mordeka and Sayon. Pray that their witness will bear fruit in Ali's life.
Fixe has heard the gospel many times.  He even participated once in an evangelistic presentation of the Bible. But he will not follow Jesus, saying, “I have to support my family, and to do so I must be dishonest; therefore, I can’t follow Christ.” Pray that God would renew His conviction of Fixe. He has closed off his once-open heart to the Gospel. 

Believers in the village of Maxanya have not shown interest in growing in their relationship with Jesus.  Pray that Mariama, Demba, and other believers there would be struck with the greatness of God and with a deep desire to meet together, study the Word, and receive instruction.

Mariama is an elderly blind woman who is confined to the courtyard of her house and her porch.  She loves hearing the Bible and Dawn has read her the entire New Testament (John twice). Dawn's mother is named Mariam and has visited in Soulemania. Mariama says she wants to follow Mariam's Jesus!  She told the pastor she couldn’t leave Islam, but has told Dawn she is following Jesus.  She understands the gospel to some extent. Pray that Mariama would truly follow Jesus and be baptized and that her sons and daughters-in-law would also be saved (Ali and wife Gbe, Mamadou and wife Masiray).

Dansa is a church leader in Yatia who travels among Yalunka and Sankaren villages to disciple believers.  Pray for safety as he travels by motorcycle. It is now rainy season when roads can be slick or muddy. Pray for his wife Kuta who is expecting their third child. Pray for his farm and other business interests that he is pursuing – both for Dansa's integrity and for God's provision oftheir needs.

Pray for Abel, a gifted leader and teacher in the church at Naiya and a teacher in the government school there. Pray that his and other teachers' salaries would be paid regularly so they can focus fully on teaching. Pray he would be a godly example to his students and instrumental in leading them to Jesus. Pray Abel would be a godly husband and nurture and care for Helene and his many kids and grandkids – pray they would each follow Jesus and live lives of integrity. 

Pray for Nyene, a woman who does not attend church but comes to Dawn's Friday evening prayer time.  Pray that other ladies would reach out to her. Pray that Nyene's young daughter, Fanna, will thrive physically and that her 3 big brothers will do well in school next year.  Pray for Nyene's safety on the farm during busy summer months and for the salvation of her husband (Mamadu) and co-wife (Damba).

February 3, 2013, marked the dedication of the completed Yaluka Bible bound in one volume. This translation started half a century ago with the work of Bill Harrigan and his wife and was finished by translators with Frontier Ministries. Yalunka from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Mali were invited. Missions dignitaries from around the world participated. Soulemania was a hosting center for visitors. Click here to see some dedication pictures. You can see more pictures on Facebook:<Cluckies in Guinea>.
Pray for Kuta, a disciple of Bruce and Dawn’s, who has been maturing in Christ and is now counseling other women in their walk with the Lord.  She is a widow and is being pressured by her family to marry a non-believer and become a multiple wife.  Kuta’s family is not helping with her daily needs because she has rejected the men they want her to marry.  Pray for encouragement and provision for her needs as she deals with this difficult situation
Pray the Yalunka Team could find a Team Business Administrator. This person would be of great assistance to the team doing everything from renewing visas and clearing shipments from port to buying the powdered sugar that recently appeared in the grocery store for the first time in months. 
Click here to read about The Proclaimer project, the Yalunka New Testament recorded for non-readers, that is now in use among villagers. Bruce Cluckie, Jeremy Tice, and Pastor Kelifah read parts for this recording.

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